Achieving Maximum Payload

"Helping You Move Mountains®"

Provides Better Loading Target leading to larger loads

  • With an open dump bed, only 75% of the body can be used effectively, thus creating large voids of unusable area towards the rear of the bed.
  • The Autogate® Tailgate offer the loader operator a better loading target and eliminate the need to reposition rocks in the body to keep them from falling off the back.

Volumetric capacity increase calculations

  • With the truck bed closed, you’ll realize a volumetric capacity increase of up to 15%, depending on the material hauled.
  • How is the increase in volumetric capacity calculated? The increase in volumetric capacity is 10% of your payload. For example, a 40-ton truck will get approximately 4 additional cubic yards of volumetric capacity. Calculations may vary depending on the density of the material being hauled.