Highest ROI

"Helping You Move Mountains®"

Philippi-Hagenbuch Tailgate in a quarry

Tire Savings

  • Tire prices: Averaging between $10,000 to $20,000 per tire depending on make and model, one of the ever increasing cost associated with the mining industry is tires.
  • Replacement Timeframe: Due to improper front loading and roadway debris from spillage, the average lifespan of a mining truck tire is around 1-2 years.
  • Tailgate life expectancy: The life expectancy for an Autogate® Tailgate is 10 plus years, with many tailgates lasting in excess of 30 years. In almost every application, the Autogate® Tailgate outlives the lifespan of the truck.
  • Total Saving over the life of the tailgate: For less or equal to the price of one new tire, an Autogate® Tailgate can save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a truck.

Larger Capacities

  • Faster cycle times can easily increase material delivery by 1 to 2 truckloads per hour. In a 14-hour workday, that equates to an additional 14 to 28 loads.
  • With an average truckload of aggregate valued anywhere from $6 to $14 dollars per ton — depending on region — 8 more loads per day on a 70 ton truck results in $3,360 to $7,840 more dollars of revenue each day. 

Less Time Cleaning Haul Roads

  • The Autogate® Tailgate serves to not only eliminate spillage from the rear of the bed, but also prevents side spillage – even when driving on inclines or making sharp turns. Rolling debris has the potential to damage another piece of equipment, or worse yet, fall on an operator, and a debris-cluttered road is hazardous for all equipment traveling on that path.
  • By installing the Autogate® Tailgate, you will reduce the need to have additional equipment clearing roadways and loading areas.