Maintenance Expense

"Helping You Move Mountains®"

Design & Maintenance

  • Design: Constructed of high-strength steel and an exclusive steel alloy chain, our tailgates boast maximum durability with virtually no maintenance in a design durable enough to handle even large boulders. Philippi-Hagenbuch’s unique approach uses no locks, cylinders, grease points or controls – virtually eliminating the potential of malfunction.
  • Maintenance: As the body dumps, gravity naturally opens the tailgate to discharge material from the bed in a design that eliminates traditional maintenance headaches.

Balanced Load Distribution

Philippi-Hagenbuch Tailgate benefits

  • Without a tailgate, isolated components such as the front suspension, front axle, hoist mechanism, and steering equipment may be overburdened. While attempting to prevent spillage, operators may pile the load forward in the truck bed causing damage to the canopies, overload to the front tires, and side spillage. By closing the rear of the truck, tailgates provide a bigger loading target helping the loader operator distribute the load evenly from the front to the rear of the truck so weight distribution improves.